Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Web Downloader + Portable

DOWNLOAD Web Downloader + Portable | 1.19/1.21 Mb
Web Downloader is the freeware internet download manager. A now option on the information dialog that shows up the first time you run it and while you still didn't add the option to allow drag'n'drop of links directly from the web browser to the software's interface to disable it showing in the future if you really don't want to use this feature. Although I don't understand why you wouldn't, as the drag'n'drop of links directly to Web Downloader makes it so much more able and efficient smile.

Also, all the dialogs that used to show inside the software window for adding, editing, seting preferences, filters and all that, have now been changed to proper dialog windows, exactly as they should always have been in the first place.. no more 'complaining' that this software didn't look like a a full Windows application wink. And, of course, this and all other freeware can be downloaded directly from the freeware webpage, as always.


DOWNLOAD: Web Downloader 


DOWNLOAD: Web Downloader Portable



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